Professor in Political Science and Computer and Information Science

David Lazer

Computational Social Science: Publications List

N. Cao, Y. Lin, X. Sun, D. Lazer, S. Liu and H. Qu, “Whisper: Tracing the Spatiotemporal Process of Information Diffusion in Real Time,” IEEE Information Visualization 2012, (also forthcoming in IEEETransactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics).

Y. Lin, J. Bagrow, and D. Lazer, “More Voices than Ever? Quantifying Media Bias in Networks,” ICWSM-11, Barcelona, 2011.

A Madan, S. Moturu, D. Lazer, and A Pentland “Social Sensing: Obesity, unhealthy Eating and Exercise in Face-to-face Networks”, proceedings of ACM Wireless Health 2010, San Diego, 2010.

A Madan, M. Cebrian, D. Lazer, and A. Pentland “Social Sensing to Model Epidemiological Behavior Change”, Proceedings of ACM Ubicomp 2010, Copenhagen (Nominated for Best Paper), 2010.

N. Eagle, A. Pentland, and D. Lazer, “Inferring friendship structure using mobile phone data,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, August 17, 2009.

D. Lazer, I. Mergel, and A. Friedman, “Co-citation of prominent social network articles in sociology journals: The evolving canon,” Connections, April, 2009.

D. Lazer, A. Pentland, L. Adamic, S. Aral, A-L Barabasi, D. Brewer, N. Christakis, N. Contractor, J. Fowler, M. Gutmann, T. Jebara, G. King, M. Macy, D. Roy, and M. Van Alstyne “Computational Social Science,” Science, February 6, 2009. 

J.-P. Onnela, J. Saramäki, J. Hyvönen, G. Szabó, D. Lazer, K. Kaskil, J. Kertész, and A.-L. Barabási,  “Structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, May 1, 2007.